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Message from Baron Kraken von Tap, CEO of TapBusters, INC

Our galactic society has a big big problem. For hundreds of years a dark force is brooding evil unto us. Our planets of peaceful tax paying galactic citizens are overrun by pests: creepy monsters, weird aliens, evil nuns, freaky crocodiles, smelly zombies, ungodly robots, fallen angels, risen demons and other creatures we dare not name here. Your heroic job is to go and kill these pests and free the planets.

Tap Busters Hero

This is your mission, fierce Tap Buster!

Go deep into the Universe, cleanse the evil and become the best Tap Buster there is!
Just so you know, you’ll need big guns, solid armor and a powerful minion to have your back out there.

Tap Busters Monster


Unique Art Style

Fantastic characters and artwork, created by acclaimed artist Noper.
Noper is one of the best 200 illustrators worldwide according to Lurzer Archive magazine.

The WolfFather
Tap Busters Hero with his trusty gun

Online Arena

Compete against other players.
Each arena has special rules – players need special gear for each.
Win exclusive prizes: artefacts and special in-game currency.

Action – RPG Mechanics

Gather a collection of weapons, armors, minions and enhance it with gems
Combine the 7 elements to create powerful combos
Unlock devastating skills in the talent tree
Win and upgrade artefacts in the Arena

The Hand Minion

Reviews from other Tap Busters

I played it together with my 9 year old son and we both had great fun killing monsters. It also helped him deal with his nightmare monsters. Great game!

Super Cool!

Addictive and catchy, always something new to collect. My new favorite mobile game!

Amazingly fun!

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